A Point-Of-Sale Solution for All Businesses

Facilitate your in-store operations and offer the best checkout experience with Yumiorders POS system. Simple-to-setup and easy-to-use

Higher Efficiency

Eliminate queues, reduce errors, and ease staff stress

Enhanced Experience

Enable self-ordering and payment with an intuitive interface

Increased Revenue

Handle peaks, attract millennials, enhance upselling effortlessly

Amplifies Popularity

Provide marketing facilities through some remarkable features


Restaurant Management Software

Simple point of sale software technology to manage the inventory of a restaurant that drives you to reduce food waste,cut additional costs, keep up the seamless kitchen operations, and optimize the stock levels

Get more done in less time

Manage, Monitor, & Track the Heart of Your Eatery

Minimize Your Wastage, Maximize Your Return

Stay in Control, Whenever, Wherever.

Closely manage your business on the go from your tablet. Keep an eye on your sales and inventory at all times and stay on top of your operations

Real-Time Inventory Tracking System

Ensure efficient operations by receiving automatic notifications about inventory status, keeping you informed and in control of daily needs and demands

Streamline Your Operations Even More

Integrate your front of house & kitchen staff seamlessly leaving no room for unnecessary delays or mistakes

Kitchen Management System

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Now your back of the office is under your control. YumiOrders POS gives a KDS to manage your kitchen operation and receive the confirmed orders from kitchen

Kitchen Dashboard
Processing Orders
Order Notification
Order Confirmation
Crucial Function Of YumiOrders POS

Your Dream, Our Responsibility

- Interactive dashboard to compare your sales or cost, with graphical presentation
- Contactless or QR scanner order
- Menu Customization
- Data Collection
- Multiple Language & Currencies
- Better control of human resourse

Choose the Perfect Plan for You

We designed our billing plans & features to fit your financial and operations requirements.

Basic Premium
DH 899 month
DH 1199 month
Cloud Point of Sale
Unlimited Items
QR Menus
Advanced Reports and Analytics
Table Management
Visibility / Availability
Multiple Language Display
Multiple Currencies
Allergens, Nutrition, Calories
Timed Events
Cloud Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions clients ask about

  • 1. What are the Biggest Challenges of a Restaurant (Coffee) Startup?

    The restaurant business is emerging. So the entrepreneurs target this business sector nowadays.Before starting a food service business, you must know some considerable challenges that you can confront.

    • Managing entire business operations

    • Marketing the brand

    • Competing with the rivals

    • Planning the business

    • Increasing customer retention

  • 2. What Do the Successful Restaurant Owners Consider?

    Modern technology is evolving and helps the business sector to improve efficiency. Successful restaurant business owners always look for a time-worthy solution.

    Smart restaurant owners adopt smart technology to manage business operations. Let’s explore-

    • Choose the right track

    • Set a business goal and work for it

    • Integrate automated system instead of the traditional way

    • Save time & additional costs

    • Improve the efficiency of the workforce

    • Focus on customer requirements
  • 2. How Does Restaurant POS System Ensure Profitability?

    Restaurant POS software is highly required for the foodservice business at present. The customers love convenient services. So you have to provide the desired services to them.

    When a restaurant owner can make sure of the increasing number of customers, it’s easier to make more sales. Therefore, you can enhance your profit margin.

    The Restaurant POS system helps the foodservice owners to maximize the ROI in this way.

  • 2. Is Digital Restaurant Management Software Cost-effective?

    Restaurant management software is a cost-effective solution because you can save time and costs while conducting your business operation through this automation system.

    Now you can control your entire business from anywhere and anytime. Besides, you can monitor your business activities.

  • 2. How Can I Assure More Customers & Satisfactory Sales?

    Well, quality food, it’s not only the focal point to get more customers. You must market your restaurant properly.

    If you can perfectly reach your services to the people, certainly you’ll have more customers.

    YumiOrders software helps the business owners to create brand awareness as you will be provided a website for your restaurant.

    In this case, you can cover a large area for conducting your business. Besides, the customer feedback system helps continuously to improve your service category.

    However, to ensure more sales, customer satisfaction is an important aspect. YumiOrders POS software will assist you to satisfy your customers.

  • 2. Is YumiOrders POS Software an All-in-one Restaurant Business Solution?

    YumiOrders POS software is a complete solution because it helps the business owners from creating the brand value to predict your restaurant growth.

    It includes all basic and advanced features. Besides, it is designed considering the exact needs of the restaurant professionals.

    Compared to the other restaurant POS software in the market, YumiOrders POS gives you much more advantages and a plethora of productive features.

    However, YumiOrders POS software is a well-known restaurant management system globally.

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